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A woodworm is in fact not a worm but a beetle! There are different species in the Uk, all will infest and eat our wooden items of furniture.

Any woodwork within your home can be affected including skirting boards, roofs, floors furniture. They can be infected with the eggs or larvae without you even noticing and in some case, won’t become apparent for years.

The most obvious signs are small, round holes in wooden furniture and structures. There may be a fine dusty powder known as ‘frass’ around the holes. You may even see beetles emerge from holes.

Woodworm enjoy wood that has a high moisture content, although for short periods they will live in drier wood. It is possible to have the humidity of wood measured, a good tip if you think your property may be susceptible to woodworm infestations. To prevent an infestation try to keep humidity levels down in you home, remove any non structural items that may be infested out, to avoid it spreading.

It is important to get any suspicions checked quickly to avoid infestations spreading or destroying important items of furniture. This is a relatively inexpensive treatment should an infestation be discovered and treating quickly can prevent huge costs in repairs bills if left. We at Glebe Pest Control can provide you with a free survey and recommendations for any possible infestation you have…

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