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A fly infestation in your property can be a very unpleasant experience – it brings with it an unpleasant smell, it is distressing and is something that is difficult to clean up.

Flies reproduce at an astonishing rate, which is what can leads to a huge infestations within your property very quickly!

Before starting any big clean up the essential step is to find the source of the infestation, this could be household bins, compost bins, dead/decaying animal carcass, wet cat/dog food tins.

It is essential that you deal with any fly infestation quickly, this is because flies spread disease as they move from one area to another. In order to digest solid food, the fly regurgitates it and then liquefies it; as they feed on the food, they will also defecate on it – hence, when you see a fly having a nibble on your sandwich, it is spreading germs and disease. If you have a fly infestation, you need to deal with it quickly!

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