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Foxes are common in the Uk and have become more common place in urban areas. 

Foxes carry no threat to humans in terms of carrying diseases and will not bother cats, however some of our other household pets are seen as an easy meal, often a rabbit or chickens. They are scavenging animals that will root through bins and waste areas looking for food which can be a real nuisance in urban areas.

Foxes live in dens and can be spotted by leaving food debris around the entrance as well as faeces. They have a distinct call and as nocturnal animals will come out at night and can cause a real noisy affair. They also mark their territories with urine, that can leave a rather unpleasant smell.

There are many way to prevent foxes coming into your garden for instance keeping food waste in tightly sealed bins and keeping your garden clear so that they cannot find a place to set up and hide.

There are a number of methods to control foxes, our technicians are able to recommend and carry out any of these methods, seeking the most humane approach possible first.

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