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As the saying goes ‘we are never more than 10 metres away from a rat!’ not a pleasant thought.

This may be a myth however it can be particularly horrendous when they choose to set up residence in and around our homes and businesses.

Rats reproduce at an alarming rate, gestation time only a few weeks and average litter size of 6, you can see how their numbers can very quickly get out of hand. Rats also carry a number of diseases, some of which are harmful to human health. They cause excessive damage to property which could lead to hundreds of £ of repair costs. It is also estimated that 30% of house fires are caused by rodents. It is therefore very important to address the problem quickly and effectively.

Whilst it is impossible to entirely rid the UK of rats, it is certainly doable within your homes, gardens and businesses. There are a number of ‘off the shelf’ remedies, these often lack strength and it is vitally important that poisons are laid responsibly and safely. Your best option is to call in a pest professional who after a handful of visits can have you pest free in no time.

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