causing you a problem?

In the main, squirrels both red and grey cause us humans no issues and are delightful creatures we enjoy to watch in the wild. 

They prefer a woodland habitat, gnawing animals that feed on seeds and nuts. They tend to have smaller litters than other rodents and adults live to the age of around 5 or 6 yrs.

Red squirrels saw a huge decline a number of years ago, this was caused mainly by changes in habitat due to modern living! The grey squirrel faired OK through this time, adapting well to modern life. However with the protection of woodland and in fact the red species itself, it would appear this decline has halted.

Whilst most squirrels will stick to their woodland homes, occasionally they may intrude into our homes, finding a small hole and occupying a roof space. It is very important you do not try to deal with this yourself and call a professional in….

At Glebe Pest Control we can assess the issue and work out the best way to move the squirrel out and most importantly ensure none return in the future…

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