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Cute little bunnies leaping across the open countryside can be a wonderful sight for us all, however the saying goes ‘breed like rabbits’ and I’m afraid here in lies the challenge!! 

When they occupy your garden, estate or parkland the damage that can be caused can be terrible.

Rabbits cause all sorts of damage from burrowing holes to chewing fence posts and eating plants etc. Therefore control may be the only option available and its good to know that rabbits can effect many areas not just your homes.

Railways, tree safety, recreation grounds, schools, industrial sites to name a few…….

There are a number of rabbit control options, from access prevention (rabbit proof fencing) to control of numbers. Many solutions will need time to become effective, however with the help of our trained technicians we will have the right solution for you, call Glebe Pest Control for a no obligation chat regarding your rabbit issues.

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