Advanced disinfection technology to eliminate infestation.

Offering a thorough comprehensive disinfectant/insecticidal cleaning service to homes, businesses and community spaces. 

Exodus ULV, the latest state of the art technology for ‘space spraying,’ releases a fine airborne mist that will diffuse within seconds leaving it sterile and free from infestation.

The product, PX-ULV disinfectant is effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Specially formulated for use in human dwelling situations, business areas and community spaces. Ideal for sanitation of schools, colleges, nurseries, offices, warehouses, domestic and commercial kitchens etc.

The product, PX ULV Odourcide is a highly effective odour control 

for a range of malodourous compounds. Ideal use in agriculture, industrial, commercial, municipal and domestic sites. Examples of use, prison, house clearance, sewage works, cellars, industrial works, cesspits, waste and landfill centres, kennels, catteries, demolition works etc.

The products, ULV 500, ULV 1500 and Aquapy offers a highly effective insecticidal treatment effective for infestations of flies, cockroaches, fleas, beetle, moth, booklice and a whole range of flying and crawling insects. Can be used in domestic, commercial and agricultural situations.