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Crawling insects can be a rather unpleasant sight or sound in your home, species can be varied.

Some of the most common you may come across are Silverfish (shiny silvery insects that enjoys moist conditions), woodlice (shell like brown insect that love humid conditions), spiders (many species, in particular false widow, 50p sized with cream abdomen, poisonous), beetle (many species, most common carpet beetle 4mm long, multi coloured scales). These really are to name a few!!

Dealing with insect issues can be varied, often they have found a habitat just perfect for them so upsetting that can have good results. Often damp, humid areas with poor air circulation house the worst infestation, clearing the areas, giving it a good airing and a deep clean could work wonders. ensuring there are no food sources near by is another.

Unfortunately though, no matter what we do to prevent and eradicate, we may still need a little help and calling a professional pest controller in, would be your best option. At Glebe Pest control we can assess your infestation, treat the areas and offer advise and support to help against any re infestations.

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