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There won’t be many pet owners out there that won’t have tackled a flea infestation at some point.

Fleas aren’t however isolated to homes with pets, they can be brought in on clothes, bags, rugs etc also. You may even have inherited them when moving into a vacant property, a bit of warmth will soon spur them into action!

Fleas will multiply at 1 flea to 25 eggs a day, laying up to 1000 in their 2 year lifetime. These eggs are laid on a host, usually an animal with the most common being the cat flea. The incorrect use of insecticides and flea treatments are thought to have contributed to infestations occurring more frequently.

Fleas can infest homes where there are no pets present, they can survive outside and then be carried in on clothing or other items such as handbags. Fleas can also be inherited when you move into a dormant home, the increase in temperature or introduction of a ‘host’ can soon bring a dormant egg to life.

Home remedies can be used if done early enough, this needs to be accompanied by a deep clean and heavy vacuuming. Enlisting the help of a pest controller not only guarantees you will be flea free it also can be more cost effective in the long term, saving on multiple treatments.

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