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Bees are enormously important to our eco system and therefore on first inspection at Glebe Pest Control we will look at the best way to try to re locate a nest.

In 2016 we re-homed 9 colonies. The relocation process has not only meant that it keeps our local bee population healthy but also contributes to our local bee keeping/honey producing economy.

Sadly relocation is not always possible and therefore sometimes treatment is the only option available. Bees can be dangerous and self treatment should be avoided. They can be a real nuisance setting up home in and around our own homes and businesses and for many they strike up a real fear, not least as some people are allergic to their stings.

Glebe Pest Control can also offer post treatment services that ensures the area is fully proofed to prevent new colonies gaining access to the honey left and re homing into treated area.

Our services are guaranteed and safe, please call us for support and advice…

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