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Birds are everywhere, we often encourage them into our garden by feeding them. They are wonderful creatures, that play a hugely important role within our eco system.

They are a natural predator for our common garden pests also, there are loads of reasons why increasing their population is important.

However, sometimes this balance goes out of kilter, and increasingly some species have adapted to living within our towns and cities. Over the years we have unknowingly encourages this through our own waste production (perfect feeding ground) and feeding them ourselves.

Problems range from random birds unwittingly entering our homes to birds roosting on buildings and roofs. They can be very noisy at the most unsociable of times and cause damage to our buildings with their large volumes of faeces. Not to mention it looks very unpleasant. At Glebe Pest Control we can offer a number of eradication and prevention services, most commonly through proofing window ledges, around solar panels, fascias etc.

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