causing you a problem?

Research suggests that these rather unpleasant pests are becoming more common place, perhaps through increased travel, increased use of second hand furniture and developing an intolerance to some insecticides.

They move from location to location on furniture, rugs, clothing, handbags etc seeking out new warm, dry and safe homes with plenty of food – You!

Whilst bedbugs do not pose a risk to health, they are a real nuisance and cause great distress with infestations growing by the day. How do you know if you have them? You will likely see them, 5/7mm and reddish brown in colour. They like to reside under your bed frames and skirting boards. You will probably also notice small red lumps on your skin where they are feeding and perhaps even some small blood spots on your bed sheets.

Please don’t be embarrassed, they are a common problem and bear no link to cleanliness more to bad luck. At Glebe Pest Control we can offer you advice on a treatment plan to eradicate the problem and also on how to prevent further infestations.

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